About  Usman Trust

Usman Trust was formed in the fall of the year 2004 in the memory of the great Muslim Caliph, Hazrat Usman Who during his whole life spent his wealth and resources in the path of ALLAH KAREEM to fulfill the needs of Muslims and bring prosperity to the Muslim empire.

Basic Objectives

To provide legal, moral & financial aid to innocent prisoners and their families both within the country and abroad. Also to advocate their cases in the court of law. And strive within the framework of law, for their earlier release from detention. Moreover to use both print and electronic media to highlight their cases.

To provide basic health facilities for the poor people, especially of the backward areas of our country, completely free of charge.

To help people in every possible way who are hit hard by natural or some other kind of a disaster.  The Govt. of Pakistan duly registered our Trust in March 2005. on the other hand Central Board of revenue (CBR)  issued a Tax Exemption Certificate in favour of Usman Trust. Meaning that all donations coming from any donor  shall be considered exempted from income tax. In March 2009 AIMO was bought under the management control of  Usman Trust (Regd.)



To impart education to the children belonging to the economically depressed class, and then to train them in such a manner that they may play a positive  & healthy role in the Society.