"In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful"

Earthquake in KPK – 26 Oct, 2015


Shangla One of the worst affected areas

A team of Usman Trust (Karachi) headed by Ejaz Mehmood (President) visited Shangla on 10th of Nov. The team stayed in the area for two days, and surveyed the loss of lives & property of the people. A Free Medical Camp was established to treat the sick & wounded. Dr. Asif with his Para medical staff treated some 1200 patients in two days and they were given free medicines brought from Karachi. On the other hand the worst affected families were given aid in the form of cash to enable them to reconstruct their demolished dwellings. This whole area needs the attention of Government Agencies as there are no proper roads and means of transportation & communication. The area needs a proper full fledge hospital and schools for children.

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