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Heavy Monsoon Rains Play havoc in Upper Sindh, Balochistan & DG Khan


2012_2[1]Jaffarabad and Naseerabad in Balochistan, Kashmore and Jacobabad in Sindh seen as worst-hit districts.

The heavy monsoon rains have played havoc in entire upper Sindh, especially in Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Kashmore – Kandhkot and other districts where the continues, rains broke hundred years record, inundating the towns & villages, fields, damaging houses destroying crops and causing loss of human lives.

The situation in Dera Murad Jamali, Dera Allahyar and various towns of DG Khan is even worse. Jafarabad & Naseerabad were worst hit areas.

The monsoon floods have killed over 260 people & rendered 3.5 million homeless in Sindh. Overall some 451 peoples have died and 2916 got injured. While a total of 5 million people have been affected. Similarly 9651 cattle heads have been perished, whereas crops standing on 1.5 million acres of farmland have been destroyed. Over 400,000 houses have been damaged in some 1600 villages.

In the month of September the road from Kot Sultan to Jacobabad got completely inundated. As a result motor cars and light vehicles could not ply on it. Only boats & heavy trucks were used as means of transportation. Similarly the road from Jacobabad to Dera Murad Jamali was inundated presenting a scene of fast flowing river. Tractor trolleys and heavy trucks were used as means of transportation.

In Balochistan 61 people were found dead, and 123 injured. More than 14000 villages have been swamped as heavy rains wreaked havoc on the canal system.

In DG Khan 60 people lost their lives and 272 got injured. Whereas 1 million people in about 1512 villages have been affected.

Usman trust (Reg.) Pakistan started rescue & Relief Operation as soon as the conditions began to deteriorate. Relief camps were immediately set up in the following towns.

1.    Upper Sindh
a.    Jacobabad
b.    Shikarpur
c.    Sukhar
2.    Balochistan
a.    Dera Murad Jamali
3.    DG Khan
a.    Rojhan City
b.    Jampur
c.    Rajanpur
d.    Tonsa Sharif
e.    Fazil Pur
f.     DG Khan City
g.    Kotaddu

Dry Rashan packages were distribute among the flood affectees in all the three provinces. Next cash was distributed among there affected people whose houses have either been demolished complete due to floods or damaged to greater extent. Tents were distribute among the more affected people who were forced to live under the open sky, especially in Dera Murad Jamali. In order to treat sick & wounded free medical camps were established in DG Khan & Upper Sindh.

One eve of annual Eid-e-Qubran, Qurbani meat & beaf were distributed among majority of the flood affected people in all the three provinces. The statistics to follow throw some light on the relief work carried out by Usman Trust in the flood affected area during the month of September & October 2012.

Sindh / Balochistan/ DG Khan Floods – 2012 Relief & Rehabilitation Work Affected Areas

Sindh / Balochistan/ DG Khan Floods – 2012
Relief & Rehabilitation Work
Affected Areas

  1. Sindh:
    1. Sukkhur
    2. Shikarpur
    3. Jacobabad
  2. Balochistan:
    1. Dera Allahyar
    2. Dera Murad Jamali
  3. DG Khan:
    1. D.G. Khan City
    2. Fateh Pur
    3. Rajan Pur
    4. Kot addu
    5. Rojhan
    6. Tonsa Shareef
    7. Fazil Pur
    8. Jatoi
Cash Distribution


Sindh / Balochistan

60 Families



  DG Khan

135 Families



195 Families

Rs.11, 43,000/-

Dry Rashan Distribution


 Sindh & Balochistan

1,110 packages

Rs. 19,22,000/-


 DG Khan

550  packages

Rs. 10,50,000/-


1660 packages

Rs. 29, 72,000/-

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