"In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful"

Jamia Alavia


29[1]And some 80 children are busy Hifzul Quran in the school called Jamia alavia situated in the core of the city near Sakhi Hassan. The monthly expenses of these two school comes to around 0.5 million (Pak Rupees). Thus the Trust strives to arrange the required funds to meet these expenses acheter viagra sans ordonnance.

A General Plea…….

Now philanthropists and members of affluent class all over the World are requested to come forward and donate generously to solve financial problems of these two Islamic Schools. Financial cooperation and support on your part shall certainly bring for you peace of mind, social and economic stability (Khair-o-Barkat). In this world and also earn for you high rewards in the world.27[1]

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