Once Again —– Disaster in Pakistan

Earth Quake – in – Avaran Baluchistan On September The 24th, Time – 4:30 PM, Intensity – 7.78 on Richter Scale Most Damaged Areas

•    District Avaran
•    District Mashkay
•    Malar, Gishkor

A delegation of Usman Trust (Reg.) Comprising of the following member visited E.Q affected areas of Avaran dirtied on 3rd of October and remained in the areas for 8 days;

1.    Mr. Ijaz Mehmood        4.  Mr. Ali Hassan
2.    Mr. Murad Baloch         5.  Hafiz Zafar Baloch
3.    Mr. Abdul Ghaffar

The delegation was received by Dr. Akhtar of Avaran General Hospital and by Hajji Abdul Aziz who is a head of Tablighi Jamat & a veteran social worker in Avaran district. Detailed survey was conducted so as to measure the extent of loss.

It was revealed that more than 430 people died due to earth quake, where as all the dwellings turned to debris. The army and other agencies quickly started the relief & rehabilitation work. Severely injured people were shifted to Quetta & Karachi; where as less injured people were treated in local hospitals. The dead bodies were buried simultaneously. Food, medicines and tents were arranged for the survivors. Red Crescent, Muslim Aid and other organizations supplied tents, rashan etc. But the major loss for the people of Avaran is that they have become homeless. No house to live in; all ruined virtually obliterated by Earth Quake.

A brief description of what the delegation of Usman Trust during its survey Village – Dhal Baidy Rehmat bazaar Goth

It was 4:30 in the afternoon when a sudden & severe tremor shook the earth. A shock unprecedented, a violent shriek from inside of the earth terrified everyone and the next moment all was finished. All the houses became debris at once. Madrassas, Masjid all gone. 18 persons lost their lives. The village of 2000 in habitants, all became homeless, forced to live in tents now. No water to drink, no food to eat. It costs 1.50 lac rupees to construct a 1 room simple house of stones & mud. The major needs of the people are house, wells, harm clothes, gas stoves and food of course.

This is almost the same tale of each & every village in Avaran. Members of Usman Trust visited some 25 villages. The fallowing villages were surveyed in detail.

Shahmir Goth Labach                                     Goth Ahmad Khan
Goth Darogha barfi bazaar Labach                    Goth Sareeh Malar
Goth Muhammad Musa Mirwani bazaar Labach    Goth Kahen Malar
Goth Chery Malar Pirjan Bazar                          Goth Theerthaij
Goth Yar Muhammad Cherry Malar                   Goth Gishkor Avaran
Goth Karkaidal Cherry Malar                            Goth Qumbar Avaran
Goth Bangal bazaar Malar                               Goth Baidy Avaran
Goth Rafaee bazaar Malar                              Goth Zeek
Goth jan Muhammad bazaar Malar                   Goth Saleh bazaar
Goth Jalab bazaar Hor Gishkor                        Goth Ghulam sarwar
Goth Dhalbaidee Rehmat bazaar Goth             Goth KhalilZai Malar

In all these villages where we visited there are no proper roads. Access to any village from one village is very tiresome and time consuming. The weather even in October is very warm. No trees, no shade along the roads to rest. The sultry weather just burns your skin. All the area is dry & barren, the mountains are black like coal, and at some places brown reminds you of the Stone Age.

People are indeed very poor. The skins of their bodies reveal the true story. Poverty & disease is common everywhere. No proper health facilities for the sick & injured. For their children to seek education is a dream. Plainly speaking they are being neglected every form. The only way to wipe their tears welling down from their eyes is to address their grievances in Toto. To make sincere efforts, mobilize heavy funds and solve their socio – economic problems. And make them feel that they are also an important part of this great country and not mere a   third class citizens.

However members of Usman Trust in their 8 days stay, distributed rashan & cash among the affected people, and also made arrangements to distribute meat on eve Eid ul Azha.

Urgent Needs:

•    Cash to construct houses
•    Rashan/Food
•    Pure Water for dinking
•    Warm clothes
•    Tents
It shall be highly appreciated if some Group of Construction Companies may come forward and use their resources to build for them simple houses free of cost. This indeed shall be a great service for suffering humanity of our country. And now when the winter is fast approaching ALLAH KAREEM knows how these poor people shall stand the test of harsh weather.

Any such individual or group of people who cannot manage to visit Avaran, but want to share their sorrow & grief, and want to compensate for their losses may contact Usman Trust in this regard. We shall INSHALLAH make arrangement for transportation & distribution of Aid sent for the affected people of Avaran. The services provided on our part shall be free of cost, only to please ALLAH KAREEM.

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