Shafi Islamic Medical Organization (AIMO) has never set Recognition as its main objective. It is a firm belief, that in serving or helping humanity, the only & real wish or motive should be to please Haq Subhanahoo Ta’ala. No selfish or worldly desires should be behind the welfare activities. Thus only those people or organization do really flourish and gain acceptance who work for the rescue & welfare of the depressed and affected people selflessly & devotedly.

However during the days of disasters of various natures like Earthquake in Kashmir (Oct 2005),Swat IDPs (May 2 July 2009),Floods in Peshawar & surroundings areas, some news papers did mention in their columns about the rescue and welfare activities of AIMO in the affected areas.

Following are the news papers cuttings for your interest.


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Shangla One of the worst affected areas

A team of Usman Trust (Karachi) headed by Ejaz Mehmood (President) visited Shangla on 10th of Nov. The team stayed in the area for two days, and surveyed the loss of lives & property of the people. A Free Medical Camp was established to treat the sick & wounded. Dr. Asif with his Para medical staff treated some 1200 patients in two days and they were given free medicines brought from Karachi. On the other hand the worst affected families were given aid in the form of cash to enable them to reconstruct their demolished dwellings. This whole area needs the attention of Government Agencies as there are no proper roads and means of transportation & communication. The area needs a proper full fledge hospital and schools for children.

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End Of Time ''The Lost Chapters'' Chapter 1, 4…

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Purify your wealth by giving donations in the path of Allah Kareem.
roza-iftar-ajarThe value of donations & charity is enhanced by 70 times during the month of Ramadan. Indeed the greatest opportunity to earn splendid rewards in the form of Sadqa-e-Jaria for yourself and for those beloved ones who have passed away.Usman Trust provides for you a golden opportunity to earn high rewards by donating in various social welfare projects

Ramadan Iftar Project

During the month of Ramadan, Usman Trust have a target to distribute thousands of Iftar boxes among the People of Karachi.

Each of the packets consisted of

  • 2 dates
  • 1 samosa
  • 1 packet juice
  • 1 Vegetable Roll
  • 1 Cup Cake
  • 1 Banana

For Donation and more details call us : 021 34311896 OR 0333 3106431


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Usman Trust (Reg.) in Coordination with Al Rehmat Trust (Reg.), Engaged in Relief Work Among Waziristan Idps in Bannu Camps.

Dear brothers and sisters
Alhamdulillah we are in the holy month of Ramadan in which generous Muslims start donating their Zakats and charities to gain extra reward.
Usman Trust is a Govt. registered trust, which is engaged in welfare activities especially among poor masses of our great country. Since Oct. 2005 when a catastrophic earthquake hit Azad Kashmir, Balakot and parts of Hazara division, Usman Trust has played positive role in almost all the disasters. The people of Pakistan have been facing series of disasters since 2005. Swat Idps problem in 2009 followed by floods in Sindh, Punjab and Kpk. Then an earthquake in Avaran Baluchistan last year and lately Famine in Thar area, a couple of months back. Alhamdulillah Usman Trust played a handy role in all these disasters. I personally visited to all these places and distributed the aid among the affected people. Free Medical Camps were established, arranged doctors and medicines, all with the sole intention to please Haq Subhanhoo Ta’ala.
Now again, due to security operation in North Waziristan, about one  million of our brothers & sisters young and old are compelled to live under open sky to bear the brunt of scorching summer heat. Several of our bothers like Bhai Altaf Tariq and Anwarzada are in the field working relentlessly to alleviate their distress. At present we are working with two Free Medical Camps and one 3 bed tent hospital. But these are not enough. We definitely need more. We do have the services of 3 MBBS doctors and some Para medical staff, who are working round the clock. We need more doctors. More importantly, we are running short of medicines. We need large quantity of medicines. Unfortunately, we don’t even have a single ambulance which naturally affects our working and efficiency.


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Earth Quake – in – Avaran Baluchistan On September The 24th, Time – 4:30 PM, Intensity – 7.78 on Richter Scale Most Damaged Areas

•    District Avaran
•    District Mashkay
•    Malar, Gishkor

A delegation of Usman Trust (Reg.) Comprising of the following member visited E.Q affected areas of Avaran dirtied on 3rd of October and remained in the areas for 8 days;

1.    Mr. Ijaz Mehmood        4.  Mr. Ali Hassan
2.    Mr. Murad Baloch         5.  Hafiz Zafar Baloch
3.    Mr. Abdul Ghaffar

The delegation was received by Dr. Akhtar of Avaran General Hospital and by Hajji Abdul Aziz who is a head of Tablighi Jamat & a veteran social worker in Avaran district. Detailed survey was conducted so as to measure the extent of loss.

It was revealed that more than 430 people died due to earth quake, where as all the dwellings turned to debris. The army and other agencies quickly started the relief & rehabilitation work. Severely injured people were shifted to Quetta & Karachi; where as less injured people were treated in local hospitals. The dead bodies were buried simultaneously. Food, medicines and tents were arranged for the survivors. Red Crescent, Muslim Aid and other organizations supplied tents, rashan etc. But the major loss for the people of Avaran is that they have become homeless. No house to live in; all ruined virtually obliterated by Earth Quake.


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The Occurrence of Hunza Land Slide disaster in early part  of jan 2010, Resulted in sliding of Atabad Village into the  Hunza River.  More than 25000 people were affected badly , causing  death to 20 persons in the first instance and injuring many. AL Shafi team of doctors rushed to the area and  immediately set up a medical relief camp. Latest reports  from AL Shafi quarters say that more than 2000 patients  hade been treated till and of june.

But there still exist acute shortage of medicines,food items,clothing’s and other necessities of life. A general appeal is made to human brothers around the globe for donations in the form of  cash, medicines, food  stuff, clothes etc.

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47[1]In Oct 2005 an Earthquake of high intensity rocked mountainous region of Balakot, Kashmir & Hazara division, resulting in colossal loss to human lives & property. Within minutes everything turned into debris. In quick response to this tragedy AIMO organized Disaster Management Cell for Rescue and Rehabilitation work. Two emergency centers were established immediately; one in Muzaffarabad (Kashmir) and other in Besian (Balakot). Food stuff, warm clothes, blanket, tents, medicines and other necessities of life were arranged instantly. Usman Trust in association with other welfare organizations, soon set up a chain of supplies of required items through containers from Karachi to Balakot & Muzzaffarabad.

On the other hand Al-Shafi Medical organization established a small hospital in Muzzaffarabad bedsides several medical relief camps. Berger Paints Pakistan contributed 0.5 million rupees to help the victims. Pakistan army people keenly observing the work of AIMO, in appreciation, donated several medical machineries & equipments. Even UNO agencies working in the area were compelled to appreciate the work of AIMO. Some donor groups from UK sent a shipment loaded with comfortable warm blankets & other necessities.

In May 2009 some 3.5 million people were forced to flee from their homes in Swat, Buner & Malakand agency and took refuge in Mardan, Nowshehra, Charsadda, Swabi and other adjacent areas. Majority of IDPs were accommodated by local inhabitants. Still many were forced to live in open camps, schools and other dwellings. Majority of IDPs belonged to areas, where weather is cool in summer, but here they were compelled to live in warm sultry conditions.

48[1]So in these trying conditions Usman Trust & AIMO played a great role. Arrangements were made to accommodate these muslim brothers in their homes, guest rooms (Hujra they call it), school buildings. These IDPs were supplied with Ration (Flour, Rice, Edible Oil, Tea, Sugar etc), gas stoves, cooking utensils, fans, coolers, clothes and other necessities of life. Next arrangement was made for a place where men can perform salat five times a day. Tutors were appointed to teach children the Noble Quran. In this regards large number of Quran-e-Kareem and other Islamic books were arranged for.

On the other hand 54 medical relief camps were set up in various places to treat the ill & wounded. Serious cases were however sent to Rahmat General Hospital Mardan. Team of about 40 doctors worked day and night for complete two months to ease the sufferings of these IDPs. Over 100,000/- rupees worth of medicines used to be consumed daily.

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2012_2[1]Jaffarabad and Naseerabad in Balochistan, Kashmore and Jacobabad in Sindh seen as worst-hit districts.

The heavy monsoon rains have played havoc in entire upper Sindh, especially in Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Kashmore – Kandhkot and other districts where the continues, rains broke hundred years record, inundating the towns & villages, fields, damaging houses destroying crops and causing loss of human lives.

The situation in Dera Murad Jamali, Dera Allahyar and various towns of DG Khan is even worse. Jafarabad & Naseerabad were worst hit areas.

The monsoon floods have killed over 260 people & rendered 3.5 million homeless in Sindh. Overall some 451 peoples have died and 2916 got injured. While a total of 5 million people have been affected. Similarly 9651 cattle heads have been perished, whereas crops standing on 1.5 million acres of farmland have been destroyed. Over 400,000 houses have been damaged in some 1600 villages.

In the month of September the road from Kot Sultan to Jacobabad got completely inundated. As a result motor cars and light vehicles could not ply on it. Only boats & heavy trucks were used as means of transportation. Similarly the road from Jacobabad to Dera Murad Jamali was inundated presenting a scene of fast flowing river. Tractor trolleys and heavy trucks were used as means of transportation.

In Balochistan 61 people were found dead, and 123 injured. More than 14000 villages have been swamped as heavy rains wreaked havoc on the canal system.

In DG Khan 60 people lost their lives and 272 got injured. Whereas 1 million people in about 1512 villages have been affected.


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