Shafi Islamic Medical Organization (AIMO) has never set Recognition as its main objective. It is a firm belief, that in serving or helping humanity, the only & real wish or motive should be to please Haq Subhanahoo Ta’ala. No selfish or worldly desires should be behind the welfare activities. Thus only those people or organization do really flourish and gain acceptance who work for the rescue & welfare of the depressed and affected people selflessly & devotedly.

However during the days of disasters of various natures like Earthquake in Kashmir (Oct 2005),Swat IDPs (May 2 July 2009),Floods in Peshawar & surroundings areas, some news papers did mention in their columns about the rescue and welfare activities of AIMO in the affected areas.

Following are the news papers cuttings for your interest.



Since 2010 Pakistan is witnessing a series of nightmare in the form of devastating floods leaving behind over millions of peoples displaced. Whereas standing crops on thousands of acres of Land were destroyed. In those difficult times Usman Trust Carried out Relief & Rehabilitation work in the flood affected areas in a very planned & systematic manner. (For detail click 2011 & 2012 Sindh Floods.)

Earth Quake struck Blochistan Town; In Desperate Need of Relief.

MASHKHEL —- the town is completely destroyed; mud houses & shops got completely flattened. Each & every construction turned into debris. It was indeed a massive earth quake 7.8 on the Richter scale. As the earth shook for few seconds on 16th of April not a single construction remained intact, all eradicated. Scores of people died while thousands got injured, who were moved to CMH Quetta.


For 75000 inhabitants of Mashkhel everything was lost. People did try to retrieve their belongings from the rubles but all in vain. Only they could move their cattle to safer places. No proper shelter could be found, people are compelled to live under open sky with heat quite intense. Tents are not enough to accommodate the entire population. Then there is a dearth of dry food (Rashan), medicines drinking water. Apart from food & water, clothes, mattresses & tents are also required in large numbers.

Worker of Usman Trust have started the task of relief & rehabilitation among affected people, but the major problem is the scarcity of essential items. We need urgently Rashan, medicines, drinking water, tents, clothes & mattresses. Apart from these items we need fully equipped ambulances to reach & cure the sick & wounded. (more…)

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Our Intentions Construction of 313 Mosques in Pakistan Regular Prayers have already started in 58 mosques after finishing the
construction phase.

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Al-Hijaamah is an authentic tradition of the Prophet (peace be upon him) that has been used throughout history. There is volume of anecdotal literature present however few scientific trials have investigated the effect of Cupping at various levels to the health Evidence thus far points favourably for the use of Cupping as a treatment tool for a spectrum of medical ailments.


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Heavy Rains & flood plays havoc with life & property of people in Punjab 20th Aug. 2013


With uninterrupted rain pouring down throughout province of Punjab, has affected the people very badly. And with the release of 117,000, cusec of water in river Sutlej by India has deteriorated the already bad conditions in to worse. Resulting:

•    300 villages in Jhang district were inundated.
•    116 villages around Multan were inundated.
•    50 villages of Chiniot district got isolated due to cut off of road links with other cities.
•    More than 50 villages around Shikarpur were inundated, where as 4 union councils of Rajanpur were totally inundated.
•    Flood streams in Nallah Daik after causing destructions in Narowal,Pasrur & Gujranwala has entered Kamoki, resulting inundation of more than 100 villages where as all muddy houses got collapsed completely.


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High floods playng havoc with life and property of people in Punjab. Appeal to the people the world over to rush forward and donate generously to help the flood affected people of Punjab and Azad Kashmir.

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qurbani2014[1]After Avaran Earthquake last year where Usman Trust put up a handy show, relief camps were established in Famine hit Thar areas. Food packages were distributed among Thar people. Though the work was on the low scale, as only a couple of trucks containing Rashan could be supplied.

On the other hand in the summer this year Rashan packages were distributed among the N. Waziristan Idps, camped in Bannu, in a very systematic manner. Free Medical camps with 2 bed hospital were established for the benefit of Idps. Three million worth of food packages were distributed where as 1 million worth of medicines were used during relief operation.

Then floods hit the province of Punjab very badly, just before the Eid ul Azha. Usman Trust immediately established relief camps for distribution of Food packages. Side by side Free Medical camps were also established treating the sick and the injured. Besides Floods there was a land sliding in Azad Kashmir which resulted in the collapse of houses. In addition to supply of food packages, Steel Sheets were arranged in order to construct the damaged houses and buildings. Statistically speaking food worth 2.5 million was distributed while 1million worth of steel sheets were supplied in Azad Kashmir to help rebuild the damaged houses.

On eve of Eid ul Azha 17 cows and some 13 goats were slaughtered and the meat was distributed among Bannu Idps and Flood affected people in the province of Punjab.

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Hepatitis is a fatal disease which has played havoc with the lives of poor people of Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa Province. The pace of growth of this disease in this region is quite alarming. The treatment of this disease involves both high cost and longer time. In this connection some two hundred people gathered in front of Tehsil administrator office, requesting to provide them treatment for hepatitis patients.

These people were promised by the local Baitul Mal authorities that they’ll be provided with costly injections and other medicines, but failed to do so due to inadequate supplies.

Hence this professionally prompted us to act on human basis rather than making people live on false hopes. Indeed human life is much more precious to be cared of, in any conditions and try to protect them from the ruthless jaws of fatal diseases. To live in healthy conditions, requires Mass Awareness in the first instance, followed by an easy access to standard medical facilities. Prevention is better than cure is a universal truth. Compiling results drawn from extensive and intensive medical examination of patients, which is followed by a rehabilitation plan.

Designing a plan on paper and its practical implementation is not an easy course. For this purpose we launched Hepatitis Control Program from the platform of our organization (AIMO). As this organization was already known in the area and it was less of a hassle to introduce it to the community. This allowed us to walk into the field though

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Promoting primary health care to the deserving community in the deprived area of the Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa Province. For this purpose AIMO has centre. established urban and rural health Hospital & (Urban / health centre in Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa


Al-Shafi Hepatitis Hospital, Peshawar (Urban)

  • Hepatitis Diagnostic & Management Centr
  • Consultant Clinics

Al-Shafi Welfare Hospital, Badaber (Rural)

  • Rural Health Care
  • Hepatitis Control Program


Rahmat General Hospital, Mardan (Urban)

  • Hepatitis Diagnostic & Management Centre
  • General Gynea & Orthopedic Surgery

Al-Shafi Health Centre Shahbaz Garhi, Mardan (Rural)

  • Rural Health Care Hepatitis Control Program


Al-Shafi Hepatitis Hospital Nowshera Cantt. (Urban)

  • Hepatitis Diagnostic & Management Centre
  • Consultant Clinics

Al-Shafi Welfare Hospital Akora Khattak, Nowshera (Rural)

  • Rural Health Care
  • Hepatitis Control Program


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First aid kit isolated on white backgroundAl-Shafi Medical Organization (AIMO) a non governmental organization was formed in the year 2004 by a team of professional & experienced local Volunteers. The aims & objectives were

  • To provide basic health facilities for the poor people of backward areas.
  • To fulfill primary & secondary educational needs of the poor masses.
  • To help socially depressed women of the backward areas of Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa.
  • Rehabilitation of drugs addicted people of the backward areas.
  • To rescue & help people who are hit hard by disasters of any nature.
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28[1]To achieve the set objectives two Islamic Schools were taken under management control of Usman Trust. About 300 children are taking education in Jamia Al-Noor which is situated in Gadap Town an outskirt of Karachi.

Apart from these monthly expenses, Jamia Alnoor is also in need of Rs.300,000/- for Paint & Electric work in Masjid Alnoor.

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