Relief Work at a Glance


qurbani2014[1]After Avaran Earthquake last year where Usman Trust put up a handy show, relief camps were established in Famine hit Thar areas. Food packages were distributed among Thar people. Though the work was on the low scale, as only a couple of trucks containing Rashan could be supplied.

On the other hand in the summer this year Rashan packages were distributed among the N. Waziristan Idps, camped in Bannu, in a very systematic manner. Free Medical camps with 2 bed hospital were established for the benefit of Idps. Three million worth of food packages were distributed where as 1 million worth of medicines were used during relief operation.

Then floods hit the province of Punjab very badly, just before the Eid ul Azha. Usman Trust immediately established relief camps for distribution of Food packages. Side by side Free Medical camps were also established treating the sick and the injured. Besides Floods there was a land sliding in Azad Kashmir which resulted in the collapse of houses. In addition to supply of food packages, Steel Sheets were arranged in order to construct the damaged houses and buildings. Statistically speaking food worth 2.5 million was distributed while 1million worth of steel sheets were supplied in Azad Kashmir to help rebuild the damaged houses.

On eve of Eid ul Azha 17 cows and some 13 goats were slaughtered and the meat was distributed among Bannu Idps and Flood affected people in the province of Punjab.

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